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Complimentary Breakfast

【Fukutaro's breakfast】+ We will sell and provide it as a plan with 2 types of Menbei.

★★ with Start serving breakfast that was in the Corona ★★
Breakfast will be brought to your room in the takeaway box.
You can enjoy breakfast safely and securely in your room without worrying about social distance even in the case of Corona

We offer breakfast prepared by Yamaguchi Aburaya Fukutaro, who has been in business for over 100 years.
In addition, we will attach two types of "Menbei" as souvenirs.
・"Menbei" Plain (2 sheets x 16 bags (boxed))
・"Menbei" Flavored shrimp (2 sheets x 12 bags (boxed))
Please apply from the Internet.
It is provided by room service.