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In this facility / facility

List of facilities in this facility

  • entrance

    The staff will welcome you with a smile at the entrance.
    The front entrance will be automatically locked from 0:00 to 6:00.
    Customers who have already checked in can enter the building with the room key even after locking.

    Parking lots must be reserved by phone.
    ■Fare::1,000 yen per night (from 15:00 to 10:00 the next day) limited to ordinary cars
    ■For 1 car, length and width restrictions apply(Example Hiace and large family cars cannot be parked.)
    *Only 1 unit available from February 2024.
    ■Motorcycles and motorized bicycles cannot be parked.
    *Please use Yodobashi Camera's multi-storey parking lot.(No affiliation)
    ■Parking is prohibited for anyone other than guests staying at the hotel.
    ■We are not responsible for any accidents or thefts in our parking lot.

    Check In


    Check Out

  • Front desk

    ■Luggage storage
    We accept both before check-in and after check-out.
    *We do not keep valuables.
    *Depending on the amount of luggage, we may not be able to store it.

    ■Massage service
    Please contact the front desk by extension.
    Reception hours:14:00 to 2:00 the next day
    *Payment must be made in cash only

    ■Copy / FAX
    Copy:20 yen per sheet/FAX:1 case (up to 5 sheets) 100 yen

    Shipping from the hotel is Yu-Pack cash on delivery (paper will be handed over at the front desk),
    You can only receive the payment in advance (cash on delivery and cash on delivery are not possible).
    *Depending on the amount of luggage, we may not be able to accept it.
    *We do not accept valuables or items that cannot be stored at room temperature.

    ■Laundry service
    Reception:Until 10:00(After 10:00, the reception will be handled the next day)
    Handing over:It will be finished by about 18:00 on the same day.
    Please put your clothes in the laundry bag provided in the room.
    *We do not go on Sundays and public holidays.
    *We do not perform speed finishing.
  • Lobby

  • Public space

    Guests are free to use it.

    *The room will be used as a breakfast venue from 7:00 am to 10:00 am, so those not on the breakfast plan will not be able to use the room during these hours.
  • Vending machine corner

    We have 2 juice vending machines and 1 alcohol vending machine.
    *Alcohol vending machines will end on Sunday, May 12, 2024.
  • Laundromat

    We have installed two washing machines and one dryer, for a total of two.

    Open Hours

    24 hours operation


    Washing:300 JPY per time
    Dry:100 yen/30 minutes
  • 1st floor corridor

  • Corridors on each floor

List of other facilities

Number of rooms

96 rooms in total:96 Western-style rooms
Western-style translation:96 single rooms(11㎡)

Room supplement

Both smoking and non-smoking rooms are available. (Please select at the time of booking)

Standard room facilities

All rooms bath and toilet/Shower in all rooms/All rooms are air-conditioned/TV set(general broadcasting)/Empty fridge/trouser presser(Installed on each floor)/kettle/tea/Hairdryer/the Internet(Free Wi-Fi*With password)/Extension phone/Alarm Clock/clothes hanger
*If you would like a humidifier / air purifier / charging cable, etc., please contact the front desk. (Limited quantity)

Internet related

All rooms are available
[Connection method]Wired LAN / Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free
Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.

■Please note the following points when using the Internet connection service.
1. Please use after acknowledging all the following terms of use.
・We do not guarantee the use of all customers.
 You may not be able to use it depending on your computer.Please understand.
・This applies to devices that can be connected to a LAN or wireless LAN.
・The internet system is secure, but
 To be on the safe side, cancel all sharing settings before connecting.
・Depending on the time of day, the communication speed may decrease.
・JavaScript computers that do not have Javascript enabled
 Please enable JavaScript (Please return to the original settings after connecting to the hotel's internet system)
・A computer that has a fixed IP address but does not have a DNS server address
 Set a temporary DNS server address or change the IP address from fixed acquisition to automatic acquisition.
・For a computer with a dial-up connection, change the connection setting to LAN connection.
 Please change to "Do not dial".
・When changing the above settings, the previous settings will be deleted, so be sure to write down the previous settings (fixed IP address, etc.).
 We are not responsible for any loss of settings.
・Security is set for the hotel's internet system, so you can use it within that range.
 File exchange software using P2P communication and services using global IP (IP phones, network games, etc.) cannot be used.

2. Regarding the internet line in the hotel, we have set a security function against hackers etc.
 The security function cannot prevent virus attacks from email attachments and homepages.
 You need to take anti-virus measures by yourself using virus protection software.

3. Customers are responsible for paying services on the Internet.


Face towel/bath towel/Bath mat/pajamas/shampoo/rinse/Body Soap/Face soap

Service & Leisure(Including arrangements)

Cleaning service/Massage(For a charge)

Locally available credit card

JCB / VISA / Master / PayPay
*It may differ from the credit cards available for online credit card payment.

Standard check-in time


Standard check-out time

Check-out can be extended for up to 2 hours (12:00).
In case of extension, 1,000 yen (tax included) will be charged per hour.
*We may not be able to accept extensions for some dates, such as when the museum is closed.Thank you for your understanding.


●Parental consent is required for underage accommodation.
 Please be sure to submit the consent form (parent's name / address / age / emergency contact information) by the time of check-in.
●Up to 1 person can use existing bed (under 6 years old).
●Entry and exit to guest rooms other than guests is strictly prohibited.

Accommodation Tax

From April 1, 2020, according to Fukuoka Prefecture and Fukuoka City Ordinance, Accommodation Tax per person per night (less than 20,000 yen: city tax 150 yen, prefectural tax 50 yen, over 20,000 yen: city tax 450 yen, prefectural tax 50 yen) ) will be collected separately on-site.

Cancellation provisions

・If there is no contact after the estimated arrival time, it may be treated as a cancellation.
・Cancellation fee will be 100% of the accommodation fee (consumption tax included) in the case of no-show / non-arrival without contact or cancellation on the day